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Kansai Barber


The Kansai brand pays tribute to the city that inspired it, merging Japanese influences with American authenticity.

The Shop

Located in Long Branch, New Jersey, Kansai Barbershop is strategically positioned to serve a diverse and discerning clientele.

The Kansai brand offers a unique experience that combines tradition and innovation, bringing the best of both worlds to its customers.

The brand's old-school design aims to evoke the nostalgia of classic barbershops, creating a welcoming and familiar atmosphere.


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Vintage graphic elements add a touch of nostalgia, connecting with enthusiasts of classical culture.

Vintage Graphic Elements

The brand's visual identity has been carefully developed to reflect authenticity and professionalism, ensuring a solid and reliable image.

Professional Visual Identity


Kansai stands out by offering personalized service, catering to the individual needs of each customer.

The brand not only focuses on high-quality services but also creates a warm and friendly environment, making each visit memorable.

In summary, the Kansai brand represents a unique fusion of cultural influences, promising an authentic and memorable experience in Long Branch, New Jersey, that is truly unparalleled.